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 I Have uncovered evidence...

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PostSubject: I Have uncovered evidence...   Sat 3 Jun 18:02

That Mr.Mic cheats, or used to! If you have the MicCam video, notice at the last museum part, first of all he shoots som1 then throws a flash, then shoots the other and throws a chaff, all quite normal, then starts hacking, when the guy charges at him he throws a smoke grenade, i think you know what this means, yes people he used the 3 quick uses cheat. Now if he doesnt i apoligize, and for the record i dont have a grudge against him, but i guess I just notice things im not meant to notice Razz
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PostSubject: Re: I Have uncovered evidence...   Sat 3 Jun 21:01

If you didn't have the attention span of an ant, you would have read through the whole thread on the Ubi forums where this video debut, or maybe it's because you were a fucking retard and got yourself banned.

Anyways, this is a excerpt of one of Mic's posts from that thread when he was accused of the very same thing:

"...i was fumbling over my keyboard.
I meant to throw a smoke to slow him down, but my chaff came out, because I accidentally switched EQ before the nade left my hand. Because I was going to shoot a chaff at the console, to take the lazers out.

Why would i ever throw a chaff to slow someone down? It was obviously a mistake."

In short, he made a accidentally caused a glitch in the game.

GG, stonecoldkilla. Way to earn back respect.
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PostSubject: Re: I Have uncovered evidence...   Sat 3 Jun 21:11

agree with kix.ck, anyways ill put the lock on this1. Wink

yeah AGREE : Scorpion Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: I Have uncovered evidence...   

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I Have uncovered evidence...
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